New Adani/Science Museum spoof film

An update from the ever-industrious and inspired Culture Unstained:
Today (5.12.23), The Times has broken the story of our latest investigation - which reveals how the Director of the Science Museum in London pushed through the decision to take sponsorship money from the coal-producing conglomerate Adani…for a new climate gallery!

But how does a leading science museum end up signing sponsorship deals with major fossil fuel producers?

Check out this new “spoof” film - based directly on our investigation and FOI releases - where the Director of the Science Museum reveals all the steps you need to take in order to help greenwash a fossil fuel giant like Adani! 

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Our full investigation also reveals how:
  • The Science Museum held evidence showing that its sponsor ‘Adani Green Energy’ was directly tied to the conglomerate’s coal projects - but repeatedly dismissed the concerns
  • In an email to Adani, the Director brushed off the damning Hindenburg Group report accusing Adani of ‘the biggest con in corporate history’ as just a few weeks that ‘must have been rather torrid’
  • But the Director’s now been formally sidelined from future decisions scrutinising sponsors!

So, we’ve now submitted a 34-page formal complaint to the museum’s Board of Trustees ahead of their meeting this week, calling on them to investigate how the Director pushed through such an indefensible deal. It sets out how sector-wide ethics rules may have been breached and why the deal should be dropped.

You can get the full story - with links to the film and our findings - on our website! And we’re also asking people to take action by writing to the museum’s Board of Trustees here.

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