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Oil spill action at Natural History Museum, 3.2.07

 Climate activists splatter oil across photo exhibition in outrage at Shelgreenwash tactic

"And While London Burns" - an operatic audio tour of the City of London

And While London Burns

Monbiot turns up the Heat

New book & website turning up the heat on the likes of Lord Browne, Branson etc. "I show how our carbon emissions can be reduced by 90% by 2030". -.George Monbiot. Turn Up The Heat website.

Petition against Shell sponsorship

Sign the petition to stop Shell sponsoring the Wildlfe Photographer of The Year competiton.


Welcome to Art Not Oil - Information & Submissions


The 2008 online Art Not Oil gallery is up and running (as o26.1.08), so please send us a small-ish 
Please also send any web or other info you'd like to have displayed beneath your piece. 

ThShell's Wild Lie exhibition will continue online and on tour throug2008, so send work you
We look forward to seeing what you come up with...

Thanks and take care,


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