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From Nope to Hope are exhibition, 15-23 Sept 2018

From Nope to Hope: Art vs Arms, Oil and Injustice, 15-23 September, Brixton Recreation Centre, 27 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8QQ

Artists say 'Nope' to arms


'This morning, we’re part of a large group of artists, designers and activists who have written to the Design Museum asking that our work be removed from the current Hope to Nope exhibition of political art. The letter and signatories can be found here and are also copied below.


Fossil Free Mischief Festival comes to RSC’s doorstep

Photo by Diana More

From BP or not BP ( 27.6.18:

The Royal Shakespeare Company is sponsored by that oily villain BP! So last week, 70 rebel performers did this...
#DropBP #RSCMischief #FossilFree #FossilFreeCulture #ArtNotOil

Loud, clear and huge in Amsterdam

Around 14:00 (9.6.18), one of the 35 Fossil Free Culture Netherlands performers positioned herself on the monumental staircase of the Van Gogh Museum's main building in Amsterdam, ready to declaim the collective’s newly penned manifesto. As her words rang out, others unfurled long paper banners from the balustrades one by one. Only after the declamation was complete, was the full text legible: END THE FOSSIL FUEL AGE NOW. The typographic work of artists such as Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer inspired the presentation of the manifesto.

Shell’s dirty hands made visible on the Van Gogh Museum

From Fossil Free Culture NL

Today (4.5.18), 13 performers from artist collective Fossil Free Culture NL placed oil-black handprints on the glass facade of the Van Gogh Museum to remind the institution that dirty money from oil giant Shell stains our culture.


From Culture Unstained, 3.5.18:

On Monday night, we guest hosted #MuseumHour, a weekly Twitter discussion for the museums sector ‘to ask the unsayable and think the unthinkable’.

Solidarity with ex-Carillion workers at the British Museum!

Five years ago, the British Museum outsourced a number of its facilities jobs to Carillion. That company has now collapsed, but the museum is refusing to give those workers any reassurance that their jobs will be secure. In fact, they're refusing to even meet with the workers or their PCS union reps.

Activists protest French oil giant's sponsorship of the Louvre

On Monday, March 12, more than a dozen demonstrators entered the Louvre museum in Paris and laid down in front of Theodore Géricault’s iconic oil painting The Raft of Medusa, 1818–19, in protest of the French oil and gas company Total and its sponsorship of the institution.

New Scientist Live sponsored by oil and arms


Read our joint statement with others opposed to the New Scientist's decision to accept sponsorship from Shell and BAE Systems.


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