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Southbank Centre drops Shell as sponsor!

Campaigners celebrate as Shell’s sponsorship of Southbank Centre ends

Oil-branded concerts come to an end after campaign exposed Shell’s record of environmental damage and alleged human rights abuses

'Out Damned Logo!' - Macbeth at the Tate

Mr Macbeth starts to regret his decision: “Nature is dead, and guilty dreams abuse my fitful sleep…”. Photo by Hugh Warwick.

The 'Reclaim Shakespeare Company' have returned with a performance of a surprise anti-oil version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth inside Tate Britain’s newly-opened “BP Walk through British Art”. The unexpected performance took place on Sunday 19th January and was staged as a protest against the Tate’s controversial sponsorship deal with BP, concluding with a vocal parade through the gallery on a busy afternoon. It was witnessed by hundreds of gallery-goers, many of whom joined in, and by the Tate Director himself Nicholas Serota...

BP sponsorship provokes Tate Member resignations at AGM

This was originally published on the Platform blog.

Tate members AGM dominated again by BP sponsorship controversy

This first appeared on the Platform blog.

Sunniva Taylor and Louisa Wright report back from another feisty session at the Tate Members AGM.

'Carols not barrels' performed inside and outside Shell-sponsored institutions, 1.12.13



(The front of the day's leaflet)

Canadian museum accepts oil sponsor despite censorship

This was originally posted on the Platform blog.

The ‘Felt Impacts of the Tar Sands’ artwork unveiled at the Canada Europe Energy Summit

Canadian security walks through oil spill - photo by Bradley L Garrett

Giant artwork depicting the Canadian tar sands and the devastation being caused to ecosystems, species and First Nations communities launched by street felt-artist Lucy Sparrow outside Canada House in Trafalgar Square

Street felt-artist Lucy Sparrow today unrolled an ambitious artwork at the annual Canada Europe Energy Summit outside Canada House in Trafalgar Square, as Canadian minister Joe Oliver met with the UK government, the CEO of BP, Bob Dudley, and other major players in the tar sands industry to discuss undermining EU climate legislation, the Fuel Quality Directive, to open up global markets to Canada's highly-polluting fossil fuels.

The Felt Impacts of the Tar Sands - #feltimpacts #tarsands #craftivism from You and I Films on Vimeo.

Liberate Tate stages performance at Tate Britain reopening focusing on BP sponsorship

Art collective Liberate Tate perform rising carbon levels to chronology of Tate Britain re-hang

Southbank Centre artists call for Shell to be dropped as sponsor on Ken Saro-Wiwa anniversary

A group of artists, musicians and authors who have all performed at the Southbank Centre have signed a letter (see below) calling on the arts institution to drop Shell sponsorship on the 18th anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni 9.

Shell Out Sounds perform 'Oil in the Water' at Royal Festival Hall

Shell Out Sounds sing in the Royal Festival Hall, by Hugh Warwick

Click here to view the video of Shell Out Sounds' November 2013 pop-up performance inside the Royal Festival Hall!



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