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BP to exit Tate

This part of the chain, at least, has been cut:

Congratulations and thanks to all the artists, non-artists and otherwise who helped make this happen...

100s take part in protest performance at Louvre Museum over oil sponsorship

Credit: Kristian Buus

Press release

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Hundreds take part in protest performance at Louvre Museum over oil sponsorship

As the UN Climate Summit winds down, Artists and Activists call on Louvre to drop oil company sponsors Eni and Total

Brandalism in Paris: Don't sponsor climate chaos

Art activists stage mass takeover of Paris advertising to challenge corporate influence in climate talks

Over 600 artworks critiquing the corporate takeover of the COP21 climate talks were installed in advertising spaces across Paris last night - ahead of the United Nations summit beginning this Monday.


Big Oil out of Culture @ the Paris Climate Summit

Thousands of people are coming to Paris to demand climate justice. We can only achieve this if we remove the power of the fossil fuel lobby. That means our universities, pensions and governments must divest from dirty energy companies, and our cultural institutions must break their sponsorship ties to the oil and gas industries.

Colombian trade unionist confronts BP in British Museum

Trade unionist Gilberto Torres - who was kidnapped and tortured for standing up to oil companies, including BP, in Colombia - joins a performance protest in the BP-sponsored British Museum, with Art Not Oil members BP or not BP?

Full story here, and film below. Photo by Kristian Buus.

Liberate Tate's 'Timepiece'

Take action with us in London this month!

Join Art Not Oil for a "protest festival" at the British Museum on Sunday September 13th!

IMPORTANT FOR ANYONE PLANNING TO COME: Please email so we can send you more details, and leave yourself lots of time to get into the Museum on the day as there may be long queues.

Responding to the Museum Association's draft Code of Ethics

Holmes and Watson look for BP, the world's biggest corporate criminal, in the British Museum. Photo by Kristian Buus

The Museums Association has been consulting to revise its Code of Ethics, and the new draft code is currently open for consultation until 7 August. The Art Not Oil coalition has been engaging with some museums on the specific issue of whether they should be taking money from oil companies. This briefing provides an overview of aspects of the draft Code that are relevant to this question, and suggests some ways in which the Code could be strengthened. It is intended to help anyone who would like to see museums take a stronger ethical line on sponsorship and climate change engage with the consultation process.

Actor-vists stage Indigenous solidarity performance in British Museum with BP oil rig

Whose terrible idea was it to allow BP to sponsor an exhibition of stolen Indigenous artefacts?! Art Not Oil members "BP or not BP?" had so much to say about this that they occupied the British Museum for an entire afternoon - with a pop-up oil rig and a whole cast of characters.

For the full story, film and photos click here.


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